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From the Great Ocean Road to the Great Barrier Reef,​ Ingenia Holiday Parks is the gateway to Australia’s iconic landscapes and cherished memories.

«Ingenia Holidays Landsborough» находится по адресу: Ingenia Holidays Landsborough, 1 Eudlo Street, Landsborough QLD 4550, Australia , Саншайн-Кост. Адрес сайта отеля ingeniaholidays.com.au . По состоянию на 2024-07-21 14:12:03 «Ingenia Holidays Landsborough» занимает 519 место в Отели Австралии. Посмотреть все награды и статусы Австралии 2024.

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Телефон: +61754941207
Адрес: Ingenia Holidays Landsborough, 1 Eudlo Street, Landsborough QLD 4550, Australia Саншайн-Кост


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The cabins were grea...
The cabins were great plenty of space for 2 adults and 2 kids. Ducks and wildlife around to feed that live in the pond highly recommend
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The Cabins were just...
The Cabins were just great very comfortable , comfortable beds and kitchenette , perfect for families especially with those who have family members with disabilities. awesome location to Australia Zoo and local township. From us we thought fab place to stay . Next time we venture north we must stay there again .
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I am so sorry to say...
I am so sorry to say that our time was cut short. WE left, with no sleep for the 2 nights we did stay, due to trains honking all night and lyre birds calling/singing. I am even sadder to say that the facilities were not clean, No hand soap was filled for our entire stay, I waited for the floors to be cleaned, then arrived just after and found the mop filthy, the floors had been 'swished' with a dirty mop, the dirt rubbed into the tile grooves and visible throughout the facilities. I was appalled to see used toilet paper had been swished along the toilet floor but not picked up. I had high hopes as the greeting staff were amazing, thank you Shannon.
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Fantastic service, t...
Fantastic service, thank you to Shannon who helped with my booking. The cabin was very clean and very comfortable. You had everything you needed great animenties. Beautiful surroundings and was quiet at night. Very close to the shops, bus and train service if needed. All and all it was a last minute booking for me and very glad I chose them.
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Nice place to stay w...
Nice place to stay while visiting the Australian Zoo. Plenty of wildlife around the cabins.
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Beautiful park Fanta...
Beautiful park Fantastic staff Clean amenities new and modern Close to shops !! Chemist and pub
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I feel the common ar...
I feel the common areas could do with a bit more cleaning. Main kitchen is a tiny bit too small for the amount of camper spaces. Otherwise the location is absolutely beautiful, the little pond is just wow. Nature is on fire. Reception staff so friendly, sweet and welcoming. We camped so we cannot comment on the cabins :)
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We stayed in one of...
We stayed in one of the cabins which was very comfortable and had everything we needed. We had a lovely outlook onto the pond. There was also a back balcony that was lovely and peaceful.
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Beautiful park! Clea...
Beautiful park! Clean facilities and super friendly staff. Only 5 mins from Australia Zoo. Our favourite stop so far :)
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Unfortunately the pe...
Unfortunately the permanent residents ruined this one for us. We were over ruled and didn’t feel like we could really enjoy our caravan park because of this. The only paved space for our kids to ride scooters was in the permanent area, and when we did so, the residents told us we weren’t welcomed, to get away. Our kids got scooters from Santa so we’re excited to go away, and to ride them but couldn’t in the rocky ground that was the camp sites. The facilities and the staff were lovely however. And the location is great, near so many activities. But the overall experience for us wasn’t great. Our kids made friends with other campers kids and they were running around in the day time being kids and they kept coming back upset saying “old people are going to the office to make a complaint!”. It was sad for us as all other caravan parks we have visited where our kids make friends and go off and ride their scooters, swim and play etc. We didn’t feel we could enjoy ourselves this time.
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